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Virtually all traders watch and analyze the horizon of raw price action in their favorite symbols, little suspecting that powerful institutions may be synthesizing multiple market metrics to create mountain horizons defined by more than the price action of the raw symbol as they enter and exit based on a perspective that synthesizes more information, more realistically.

For example, compare the below panels. The top panel is the raw price action of the emini S&P future ES. The bottom panel is a synthesis of information that more realistically represents a synthetic price horizon termed Mountains to distinguish them from raw price charts. Notice that the synthetic price horizon of the Mountains (bottom panel) reveals repeated lows at a single level, a recurring “valley” floor, paralleled in time as that Mountain level foretells support of drawbacks of ascending lows from which the raw ES repeatedly resumes its upward trend.

As the raw ES price continues to rise from the first two red arrows it reverses, precisely at the “2nd hit” of the mountian’s middle red ray, which was drawn from the secondary Mountain peak on the left of panel two.  At the high of the day for the raw ES the synthetic Mountain price horizon again reveals to the bar on panel two’s Mountain range, that price had merely returned to the day’s earlier highest Mountain peak,   (See “1st hit” on panel two’s top red ray), which “coincidentally” identified to the 4 range bar the actual daily high of the raw ES, yet the raw ES  presents no such clue that a previous high was being revisited.

When the synthetic high’s highest horizontal ray was again revisited (See the last, rightmost “2nd hit,” this time of the high ray) the raw ES price action again broke to the downside, signaling the second highest peaks of the day in the raw ES.

Coincidence again you say? No need to argue. Take a free (no credit card, no obligations) two week trial of three Mountain perspectives — one each of ES, NQ, and YM, the leading North American equity futures. Set them up side by side, draw your own MTN’s off of previous synthetic highs and lows. Observe how often raw ES price reacts from a Mountain hitting its previous Mountain peaks and valleys. Also observe how hitting significant Mountain highs or lows in one equity index future symbol triggers other equity futures to react with it. Take your analysis a step further and watch for higher probability price reactions to convergence from more than one of the three Mountains hitting previous levels at the same time. See for yourself what apparently well-funded institutions are seeing from their perspective, and be prepared for their order flow start a pullback, if not a reversal, not infrequently, to the bar.



In the mid-ninties while exploring the roots of price action I did some theoretical coding and observed significant price reversal levels not obvious on the raw S&P futures chart. Above is a black and white screen shot of a photocopy I made back then that shows my early iteration of Mountains on a 45 minute chart of the big S&P before the mini was in vogue. Notice the horizontal line all the way across the image is identified as “Red lilne from 12/5/01 primary (red) peak.” You’ll notice the dated lows at the bottom of the chart indicate the dates of 12/13/2001 and 1/30/2002. That’s over a year later than the 12/5/01 peak, yet with uncanny accuracy as the Mountains rise into that level the raw S&P reacts.

You’ll see I had drawn other lines between the dates of the low spikes on the right and left marking other, shorter term significant highs and lows between those dates, and they also foretold the S&P reacting at those levels. I drew the up and down arrows where various Mountains were hit. Since then in the last decade I’ve refined the Mountain formulas to include other symbols and added more complex formulas than I used then which add additional precision I had not then yet discovered.

I now have two formulas for each of the ES, NQ, and YM and watch them on both very short time frames for scalping and larger ones to capture daily moves and major swings. They are available on a free trial basis and for lease.

I’ll be adding more perspectives under the button by that name in our Perspectives section.

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When your order your free trial or lease we will email your ninjascript assembly for import. The assembly contains three indicators, one each for ES, NQ, and YM. You will not be automatically charged after the trial. At your discretion they can be leased together by the month, quarter, six month, or year.

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We lease three indicators that define a different price “horizon” than the raw data of the symbols we support. The are called Mountains and are based on the concept that with a more refined, synthesized perspective than the raw price horizon reveals, one can observe mountain peaks and valleys not anticipated as support and resistance levels by the general public but by more influential traders.

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